Friday, March 18, 2011

Me? Me.

I never imagined that God would use me to help Him carry out His plan. I have always felt like I was just an average girl…growing up nothing really stood out…at least I was never told that there was anything really unique about myself, nothing really special. Really, I never gave a thought to whether or not God had a plan for me. I was basically a good kid; I never did anything more than talk back to my parents or lie to do something that wasn’t even a big deal.

I accepted Jesus into my life when I was 8 years old and from that point on I lived by man-made rules that made me very judgmental; the only thing that was important to me was how people looked, how they talked, where they lived, what they wore, what kind of music did they listen to and the judgmental list goes on. I never gave a thought to where people were in their life. What their struggles were, what their hurts were or what their life was like. This was for sure not what God wanted for me. He took me and turned me inside out. When I started understanding what the Bible said, I realized what God actually did for ME. And truthfully, until I had my own children I didn’t understand the gravity of what God did when He gave up His own child for me. ME? ME. He gave His own child to be a sacrifice for me…. why? Because of His great love for me. That’s it right there; He took me from being an average run of the mill person to being a child of the Most High, Creator and God of all. Yes, He chose me. And if God did this for me, how dare I judge the rest of the people He did this for. I have learned to love others based on who they are in God’s eyes, not who they are in the world's eyes or even my eyes.

God has been so good to me that sometimes I am overwhelmed at the thought, I am not saying that life has been easy, but it has been full of blessings. There are so many answered prayers, stories of miracles, and so many wonderful people that have been placed in my life by God I would never be able to recall all of His goodness. How amazing is it that God has actually trusted me with the lives of some of His precious children. God has allowed me to raise, nurture, teach and direct to Him some of His finest creations, not just my own children but others that He has purposefully place in my life.

Me? An average girl >>>> Me. Hand picked to be used by God.

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