Monday, August 16, 2010

Citiweek 2010

Everyone was amazed and gave praise to God. They were filled with awe and said, "We have seen REMARKABLE things today." Luke 5:26

Wow… being back from Citiweek: 2010 for 24 hours almost seems like it was all just a dream.

There were so many REMARKABLE situations; I would love to write about each experience in order to share the excitement with everyone I know, as well as to have in writing the details so I will never forget. I chose the word remarkable because “awesome” is over used; “wonderful” seems too light and “crazy good” is just not strong enough to describe the past six days I spent with 122 High school students and leaders from Woodside Bible Church in the city of Detroit.

{Someone has a dream, a thought, a conviction, one person alone typically can not make a dream come true, a thought become reality or a conviction become a blessing}

Is it possible that God can use me to help HIM? He has allowed me to be an instrument in HIS orchestra [a large group of musicians, whose members play a variety of different instruments] An orchestra is made up of many different instruments that make beautiful music. Yes, the instruments can play alone and sound okay, but when they are put together the music is much more powerful. This is how I see my experience last week in Detroit.

{Powerful:Remarkable:God Ordained}

God is the composer of the “music”, our pastors are the conductors, and the leaders are the principal players {the lead player of each orchestral section who is required to guide the section} The students are the section players {members of each section}. If we stretched this word picture to include a performance we would add to the cast of characters, ticket takers, concessions, custodians ect...each on our own makes a noise but together we make a memorable moment in time. God’s orchestra performed and it was amazing.

I will be posting some individual stories of how God's purpose was fulfilled in the days we spent showing love and giving hope to Detroit.


  1. Lisa,
    Here is a story I shared with Jerry

    I wanted to just share a quick D-town story with you while it was fresh in my mind.

    Half of our group went to the Zoo with our VBS kids and because we didn’t need my guitar, I had the privilege to go with the work crew. We arrived at the home of Miss Margaret, a 74 year old wonderful lady who just wanted someone to paint her porch floor. Once we arrived, the students noticed that we could actually paint the entire front of the house area and really clean it up. On top of that, we decided to fix her badly broken fence and clean her old flower gardens and yard area. I went inside to talk to Miss Margaret and found her very worn home to be tidy and clean with beautiful pictures of her family. A well worn KJV bible was on her coffee table, and many notes, letters, and cards were stuffed inside. I had Sarah B. with me and we spent some time talking with her about her family and noticed she really didn’t have much in her house in the way of food.

    Miss Margaret left with her friend to go out for a bit, and we began to work on her house. After most of the heavy outside work was done, Kyle and I decided we could split the teams and get another project completed. I left with half of the team and Kyle stayed to finish the painting. When I arrived back, Miss Margret came out to us with two boxes of Popsicles in appreciation of what we had done. We thanked her, told her to have a blessed day and loaded the bus. Once everyone was inside, I explained to the students that Miss Margaret basically had very little food inside her house, but she wanted to bless us for our work. You could have heard a pin drop. Jerry those were the sweetest Popsicles any of us had ever eaten.

  2. Wow... God is working all over everywhere so powerfully... Thank You Lord!!!!