Monday, August 17, 2009

"flash flood of God's joy poured on to me"

Last Sunday morning as I sat in the 10:00 service hearing the message on “ Reclaiming Joy”, I could hardly wait to share the joy God laid on me the night before.
For 21 years I have been praying that my five children would grow to love the Lord with all their heart, soul and mind. I’ve always wanted them to make Jesus their Jesus, not just a Sunday morning tradition.As life goes, our family has had its share of troubles, unexpected death, on going illness’, job loss, financial problems, and this is just a portion of the list. Life has been full of sad and depressing situations. But through them all I’ve always felt God’s presences and I knew He would never leave me, although many times it felt as if He had.
Last Saturday evening my husband and I along with one of our three daughters returned home from the HS WV mission trip. After sharing stories with our two sons and 2nd of three daughters I sat down to check email. As I did my daughter asked me to read her blog from a few days prior. And this is where the , “flash flood of God’s joy poured on to me.”

Below is a portion of our 19 year old daughter’s blog.
July 28, 2009

Unfailing God. Yew.. where to begin.. Okay so God + I time tonight was so needed, wow it is so crazy how God shows up the way he does! Setting the stage for my awesome God time; I am home alone for the week while my parents and twin serve in a devastatingly poverty stricken small town in West Virginia. My older sister is in South Africa for three weeks serving God there and my older, younger brother is also serving, in a predominantly Muslim community, I know it will be life-changing for him. Okay, so there you have it.. I am home with my youngest brother, whom I love and adore. …. There you go, that's the background for MUCH needed God and me time ..
more than a date with Jesus..…
but a true “encountering” of my God!

Her blog continued to express her love for Christ and His power to answer prayer. But for me, as I was reading her blog it dawned on me that God has answered my biggest most often prayed prayer. All five of my children love the Lord and are serving Him independently. In one week six out of seven family members were showing Christ’s love in four different communities of people across the world and the seventh family member radiates God’s love daily in his unusual love for people. Satan set up many doubts in our minds regarding the coordination of these mission opportunities, but God again prevailed and we are truly blessed to be a part of His plan. This is just a small portion of my story regarding “Reclaiming Joy“. I use to call it “unexplained” joy, but I know that the Joy I have comes directly from the creator of Joy, Himself.

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